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Decorative foliage

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Harvesting crew


Shielded under ray-filtering covers from the direct light of the Alentejo sun, Frupor’s Flordecor Decorative Foliage Plantations flourish in the cool air of their nature-like shade. In field after field, row upon row of brilliant green ferns and foliage cascade as far as the eye can see, an abundance of rich green leaves destined for Europe’s flower markets.

Recognized by generations of floral artists as the essential backdrop to all floral arrangements, today Decorative Foliage is equally at home surrounding your most lavish or your simplest floral display. Classic ferns, aspidistra, eucalyptus, sprengeri - all live happily in your vase for many days and when exposed to your artistry their colours, shapes, textures and scents will naturally enhance every kind of bloom.

Produced conforming to the strictest quality procedures Flordecor’s increasingly diverse range of foliages lead the European cut leaf market. The sublime climate and terrain of the Alentejo provides the ideal conditions to bring these texture-rich green fillers fresh to your floral presentations every day of the year.

Leatherleaf ferns

Leatherleaf fern


With its large, dark and shiny leaf and strong, flexible stem this native of shady woodland nooks and crannies can have a vase life of up to two weeks. It is both an ideal foundation for presentation style bouquets and makes a complementary backdrop to most other floral designs.

Tree ferns

Tree fern

The perfect filler for pretty well any floral arrangement! Its dark needle-like foliage and bushy appearance lends charisma to bouquets and garlands and character to floral artwork of all kinds for a week or upwards.

Ming ferns

Ming fern


Ming ferns love orchids but will happily embrace most tropical floral designs. Their large needle-like ornamental leaves, forest green in colour, sport a distinguished silver-grey stem, a stiffish branch and a vase life of up to ten days.




This large, lance-shaped leaf with the heavy mid-rib is also a glossy green. It is very much at home as a foliage in large or grand arrangements but is equally comfortable surrounding any tropical flowers and roses ….. and its vase life extends to two weeks.




This elegant fern with its long, strong stem and fluffy branchlets with soft green needles is a native of South Africa with a vase life of up to ten days. It’s both a wonderful cascading filler at the base of large arrangements and ideal for making garlands. In fact Flordecor produce their own sprengeri garlands (sold by the meter) which are a mix of sprengeri plus ming or leatherleaf!


Silver Dollar


Choose ‘Baby Blue’ or ‘Small Gum’, each variety is tough and hardy and each sports its own distinguishing shade, shape of leaf, leaf configuration and sharp, clean fragrance. The perfect blends to add colour, texture and scent to bouquets and to all floral presentations for up to two weeks.

Italian Ruscus

Italian Ruscus


With a vase life of up to two weeks these glossy sharp-pointed leaf-like stems on green and woody branches are typically Mediterranean - seductive and go well with every kind of floral arrangement!

Foxtail ferns


A fluffy, cloud-like appearance, a cylindrical plume-like foliage and a hue of pleasing light green makes this a charming filler to flatter sprays and cascade around any floral artwork.




These flexible, curly and surprisingly strong branches and twigs of willow origin can be woven and clipped to create delicate floral décor and make wonderful additions to flower arrangements of all kinds.


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