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Chinese Leaf



In the South West corner of Portugal, Frupor’s Chinese Leaf plantations stretch far into the Alentejo sunset, fanned by gentle Atlantic breezes and grown to the most exacting of quality criteria. Frupor leads the European Chinese Leaf market and here by the sea the company’s commitment to excellence blends with the sublime climate and terrain to provide the ideal conditions to bring this nutrition-rich, cabbage-family fresh to your table every day of the year.

Revered by generations of Orientals as the base of piquant stir-fries and steamed rice dishes, today’s Chinese Leaf is equally at home shredded in your salad or cooked à la cabbage. It lives happily in your refrigerator for several weeks but once released to your culinary creativity its firm, crisp and delicately flavoured leaves will soon be delighting your well-being with their fat and cholesterol-free, cancer-preventative, low calorie deliciousness. They are guaranteed to add zing to your salads, scrunch to your seafoods and colour to your casseroles.



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